"Rainbow Land" by Brandon Sines

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"Rainbow Land" by Brandon Sines


Hand Embellished

Original on canvas, 2018

Signed by artist

68” x 54”

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Brandon Sines has a poetic ability to share intimate moments laced with popular imagery. He creates paintings dripping in personal narrative and puddled with external references. They are immediate both in subject and use of material, yet there is an intangible aspect that beckons the active imagination. He mixes Pop Art’s mass culture, Surrealism’s private associations, and the intuitive paint handling of Expressionism to create dreamlike environments. 

Shortly after moving to New York City in 2010, Sines combined his use of mythological creatures, pop icons, and made up characters into a new character called Frank. Frank is an ´ape´ that often takes the form of a cartoon, but is no doubt a reference to Sines himself. Frank explores human issues without human restrictions. Sines began installing Frank around the city, and Frank became an instant street art fixture most likely due to Sines' special gift of empathy.

The illusion of space in his paintings intensifies the dreamlike feeling. His worlds are expansive, without definitive spatial references, and at the same time read as intimate landscapes of the mind. His 2015 ´´Self Portrait´´ (above) is one of the purest examples of this duality. In this painting, Sines presents us with an ambiguous situation exploring mental and literal space.

There is a fleeing figure, personal possessions in tow, peering through a periscope into the void of a stark black-and-white, minimalist environment reminiscent of a filmstrip. It just so happens that Sines is a voracious movie watcher. The viewer is presented with a playfully ominous image exploring themes of spectatorship, introspective reflection, escapism, restriction, and freedom. The narrative is implied, but the story is completely up to the viewer's personal perspective. 

Brandon Sines is from a generation that believes in hope, feeds on love, but is surrounded by constant reminders of despair. A generation raised on cartoons, hip-hop, cable news, the internet, and standardized tests. Whether he is telling the story of a specific person or tapping into the zeitgeist, Sines speaks a universal language in a distinct voice. A voice that is raw, mysterious, and playful.