"Tribal Nature of Liberty" by John Arthur Carr

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"Tribal Nature of Liberty" by John Arthur Carr


Spray paint, stencil and resin

Original on canvas, 2018

Signed by artist

16” x 20”

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With over 18 years experience in New York City as Artist and Designer, John “JC” Carr has developed a reputation for producing ideas and visual communications that transcend the clutter. A career of creativity spanning an eclectic mix of mediums – including Fine Art, Branding, Illustration, Art/Video Installations, UI/UX Design and Web development, John has evolved, recently curating his first wall in Brooklyn. A ’97 graduate from The Art Center, he is inspired by the energy of New York City, it’s creative inhabitants and the never-ending hustle.

My passion is to create meaningful public work that meets the criteria of both client and community with special attention given to detail and communication. As an active graffiti/street artist over the past decade, I’ve developed my skills with spray paint and brush, garnering a reputation for delivering the highest creativity, on budget, with a passion for excellence. Working at increasingly larger scale and exposure, my mural work can be seen all over New York City for the past 7+ years, the most recent mural completed at the World Trade Center, July 2018. Evolving in the studio and on the streets, I’ve been exhibiting in major Galleries all over NYC since 2012, currently working on my first solo body of work.

John has been busy the past few years showing in some of NYC’s top Galleries, painting murals all over the city and continuing to progress in the studio. He is also a prolific street artist with hundreds of prints wheat-pasted throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. With this, he looks to liberate the visual landscape from the over-saturation of advertising and corporate signage.