"We Slowly Fall From Grace" by BD White

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"We Slowly Fall From Grace" by BD White



Spray paint and bronze patina on canvas

Framed in wood frame


28” x 28

20” x 28”

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B.D. White entered the art scene by painting hundreds of streetlight bases throughout New York City. Despite his spinal injury at age eighteen, he earned a reputation as a prolific street artist. He is also one of the founders of Sold Magazine, a quarterly printed magazine for artists by artists highlighting the unsung talents of the art world.

From the beginning B.D. knew he was always going to be an artist. What he didn’t count on was a sporting accident at the age of 18 that left him with a broken back, paralyzed and in a wheelchair. The art world is highly competitive and getting the initial show or big break is sometimes slow in coming. Undeterred, B.D. decided to take his works directly to the public via the gallery known as the streets of New York.  

What some call “street art,” B.D. dubs “mindful vandalism” and despite his inability to easily flee if discovered, B.D. began to create compelling art on the streets in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Taking advantage of his seated position, his works were uniquely placed very low on walls and street lamps, areas where others may not have thought of using.