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We represent many contemporary New York City artists and hold regular exhibitions and artist receptions.  Owner Doug Smith often says, "There is not a high rise building in FiDi, Battery Park or the Seaport that I have not been in, most of them multiple times, designing a home or office for a client. When they bring me into their private space and ask for my recommendation, that is a special moment because they know I do my job well." 


Strong design. On time. Master quality. It's that simple but takes passion to achieve. Our family has been continuously selling art and custom framing in the Financial District since 1981 and we take pride in our depth of knowledge, which extends from framing basic posters to exhibitions for museums and Chelsea galleries. Everything is done on site in our 2,000 square foot productions facility so when you bring your art here it does not leave until it leaves with you.   


Established in 1981 at 68 Greenwich Street, partners Doug Smith and Jane Chun Smith are the second generation to run the gallery, and are focused on creating an art scene in the Financial District. Continually servicing the needs of Wall Street corporations, the gallery has expanded its audience to the community.  Dedicated to showcasing emerging artists from NYC, with an emphasis on the local street art scene, and constantly finding artists and new ways to present them.   The gallery is currently located in 120 Broadway, and continues to progressively grow with its neighborhood.  


We pride ourselves on the work we have done and the relationships we have fostered with our clients over the years. Curations we have done include:


  • U.S. Senate Main Rotunda in Washington D.C.

  • New York Stock Exchange trading floor auction display for Members Only (multiple years)

  • New York Stock Exchange Executive Wing

  • 34,000 square feet on the 69th floor of 4 World Trade Center

  • Lobby of 4 World Trade Center

  • Lobby of 140 Broadway

  • Lobby of 120 Broadway

  • 2 x Main Entrance display on the national historical landmarked wall in the nation's oldest court house

  • American Express executive wing

  • Largest courtroom illustration show in the world at World Trade Gallery

  • Most expensive apartment listed at the time in Manhattan ($119,000,000)

  • Dozens of penthouse apartments in Lower Manhattan

See examples of our curating work HERE.


  • Dave Gahan (lead singer of Depeche Mode)

  • Dave Matthew's ATO Records

  • Gifts for over a dozen world leaders including Prime Minister of England, President of Ireland, Prime Minister of Israel, President of China, Head of the IMF, Henry Kissinger, NYPD Commissioner

  • Russel Simmons


  • AIG

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • American Civil Liberties Union

  • American Express Company

  • AM Trust Financial

  • ATO Records

  • Attorney General of New YorK

  • Bank of New York Mellon

  • Banker's Trust

  • Blackstone

  • Brooklyn Hospital

  • Brown Brothers Harriman

  • Conde Nast

  • Conrad Hotel

  • Consulate General of Netherlands

  • Etsy

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Dow Jones & Co.

  • Kellogg Group


  • Goldman Sachs

  • Hilton Hotels

  • Homeland Security

  • Howard Hughes

  • HSBC Premier

  • Indonesia Bank

  • Loeb Partners

  • Marriott Hotel

  • Merryl Lynch

  • MetLife Financial

  • Metro New York Newspaper

  • Millennium Hilton

  • Mitsubishi Logistics

  • MTA


  • New York City Transit

  • New York New Jersey Port Authority

  • New York State BankinG

  • Nomura Securities

  • NYPD

  • NYSE

  • NYU Langone Medical Center

  • Office of the Mayor of NYC

  • Oppenheimer

  • Orthodox Union

  • People.com

  • Prince Charles Foundation

  • Prudential Securities

  • Renaissance NY Hotel

  • Ritz Carlton Hotels

  • Royal Bank of Canada

  • Saloman Brothers, Scholastic

  • Senator Schummer

  • Senator Gillibrand

  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg

  • NYC Mayor DiBlasio

  • Senate Building in Washington D.C.

  • Standard & Poor's

  • State of New York, Taxi and Limo Commission

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Washington Mutual

  • Wells Fargo

  • W Hotel

  • Zurich Insurance

  • 9/11 Memorial Museum




Doug Smith

Doug Smith, as president and owner, leads and oversees the operations of the World Trade Gallery. He first started advanced art history studies at age fourteen and his passion for the arts has never ceased. Mr. Smith has successfully run the gallery since 2009, introducing new styles of artwork into the Financial District. He has a Master of Business Administration (1999) and his design skills have been sought for executive wings at the New York Stock Exchange, American Express, AIG and in hundreds of other firms. Mr. Smith has formed numerous relationships with artists and have connected artwork to many clients. New York Times called his curation at the World Trade Center eye-popping. Business Insider wrote "the arts have taken a hit in recent years. More often than not, when it comes to budget cuts in schools and companies, art is the first thing to go. (Larry) Silverstein and Smith are working to make sure that doesn't happen." Untapped Cities also wrote "Doug Smith, the man who brought the artistic team together, and curated the project."

- Curator of outdoor public wall on World Trade Center site, NYC
- Head curator, 69th floor, 34,000 Sq feet with 60 artists
- Head curator of lobby of 4 World Trade Center
- Curator of 140 Broadway


Jane Chun Smith

Jane Chun Smith received her Bachelor Degree in Art History from New York University and studied interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Jane is the co-owner and head art handler of  World Trade Gallery.  She has over 25 years of experience in conservation framing and is an industry master.

Jane, "I will gladly hinge and mat your Rothko as well as help you design your child's first finger-painting. Both will look extraordinary."