Heidi Leigh, Peter Tuchman, King Saladeen and Doug Smith

Heidi Leigh, Peter Tuchman, King Saladeen and Doug Smith

King Saladeen masterpiece on Lamborghini

Free Richardson, King Saladeen, Heidi Leigh and Doug Smith

Free Richardson, King Saladeen, Heidi Leigh and Doug Smith

Doug Smith & Peter Tuchman curated Breaking News exhibit featuring King Saladeen & Mister E at AFA Gallery

September - October 2018

"Flabbergast" by Todd Gray

Chinon Maria

Chinon Maria



2 World Trade Center Mural Project

April 2018 - Present

The project is a collaboration between Silverstein Properties and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Doug Smith of World Trade Gallery helped find the artists involved. The site is bordered by Vesey, Church and Greenwich Streets as well as the Oculus transportation hub. To brighten up the space, Smith called upon artists Todd Gray, Hektad, BoogieRez, Stickymonger, and husband-and-wife duo Chinon Maria and Sebastian Mitre to leave their mark on the World Trade Center's campus. 


34,000 square feet on the 69th floor of 4 World Trade Center

April 2016 to November 2017@ 4 World Trade Center, Floor 69, New York, NY

The 69th floor World Trade Center show, titled Graffiti in the Skyopened in April 2016 after nearly a year of planning. Unlike most street art, these artists were not on the run, chased off by a landlord. They were invited to decorate the 34,000 square foot space and bring the street to the sky several hundred feet above the sidewalk.The space is now owned by Spotify for their New York office. You can see more images and coverage from this event HERE.

The show featured artists Stickymonger, Sonni, Chinon Maria, Hugo Bastidas, Cern, Lauren YS, L.E.G., Joe Iurato, Chris Stain, Rubin 415, WhIsBe, David Hollier, Ron English, Basil, Duda, Jack Fox, Conrad Stojak, Dominic Pattinson, Gumshoe, Layer Cake, Jenna Krypell, Zimer, Scott Walker, Chris RWK, Bradley Theodore, Jenna Morello, HYDEON, Dimension, Hellbent, URNY, Taezoo Park, Joseph Meloy, Fanakapan, B.D. White, Ben Angotti, Hektad, Billi Kid, Boogierez, Brolga, Buttsup, Chillguins, Kelsey Lee Montague, Buff Monster, Sines, Iconic, 2 Cents, Savior Elmundo, YesOne, Derti the Ripper, Dru Blumensheid, Erasmo, Dizmology, Gil Goren, Greg Frederick, ICY + SOT, Al Diaz, Kimyon 333, Robert Marcucci, and Joe Woolhead.


Discussing curation of the 4 WTC 69th floor with street artist Ron English


Lobby of Tower 4, World Trade Center

 April 2016- 4 World Trade Center, Floor 69, New York

Street artist WhIsBe's Vandal Gummy gets the 3-dimensional treatment as a seven foot tall sculpture installation in the lobby of Tower 4 at the World Trade Center. It's was part of WhIsBe's contribution to the Graffiti in the Sky show.

WTG_BBH Lobby_TheoPinto.jpg

Lobby of 140 Broadway

November 2017 - 140 Broadway, New York

The Lobby of 140 has recently unveiled two oversized pieces, 24 x 7 ft, by artist Theo Pinto.The pieces were curated by Doug Smith, who was allowed to drill right into the marble walls of the lobby to hang the oversized art.


New York Stock Exchange

2012-2017 - 11 Wall Street, New York

World Trade Gallery has been lucky to have the opportunity to donate art to the New York Stock Exchange for five consecutive years. Work by Kamil Kubick is always featured.


Co-curated Nike shoe launch event

December 2016


Art Basel Miami

November 2016


NYPD Commissioner William Bratton in the Teddy Roosevelt room outside his office

August 2016


U.S. Senate Main Rotunda in Washington D.C.

December 2015 -Washington D.C.

Co-curated by Doug Smith, the Senate exhibition featured art of 9/11 First Responders, installed around the main rotunda of the Senate Building. Contributing artist were Society of Illustration members James Hoston, Jeffrey Smith, Jess Ruliffson, Robert Hunt, Stephen Gardner, Victor Juhasz, and Dale Stephanos.

Special thanks to Police Commissioner William Bratton, and United States Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. 


Lobby of 120 Broadway

October 2015- 120 Broadway, New York

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the building, owner Larry Silverstein threw a Great Gatsby-esque opening reception, accompanied by art pieces curated by Doug Smith of World Trade Gallery. The pieces are vintage illustrations that, when viewed in order, create a pictorial history of the building from 1915 to 2015.

Court house art show(adjusted) .jpg

Main Entrance display on the national historical landmarked wall in the Thurgood Marshall courthouse

October 2014 - Thurgood Marshall courthouse, New York

The Thurgood Marshall courthouse exhibition opened in October 2014. The courthouse is a national historic landmark as well as the oldest courthouse in the United States.

The exhibition featured art from renoun court case illustrators Elizabeth Williams, Jane Rosenberg, Aggie Kenny, and Christine Cornell.


Design space for a private client